Good day!

My cattery of Sacred Birman cats LV * Marikota is located in the Kaliningrad region, in the very West of Russia, bordering the countries - Poland and Lithuania. The cattery is registered in the felinological system FIFe (Federation International Feline) and has been a member of the Latvian club “REBUSS” of the Association of Cat Lovers' Clubs “CFCA” since 2011.

It is opened in memory of the amazing Fallon cat, who lived in my family for more than 13 years. Outwardly and in character, she looked like a Birman cat. Sociability, mind, intellect, beauty - all this was in her.

For the first time I saw Birma on the Internet and understood from the description - this is what I was looking for. Sacred Birman cat - is perfection, unearthly beauty, grace, purity, amazing nature and most importantly - good health!

She conquers immediately and forever: deep blue eyes, gallant white gloves on the paws, silky hair, soft unobtrusive nature, playful, gentle and loyal .

Over the years of the nursery, I can say with confidence that this is the ideal cat on our planet.

My cats live next to me, the kittens grow and are raised also at home. They leave for a new home at 12 weeks, with a veterinary passport of the European sample, chipped, vaccinated against viral diseases and rabies. Each kitten has a pedigree, a contract is concluded. Adult animals have veterinary certificates for testing genetic and other diseases.

Birma surprises, Birma fascinates, gives its love, joy and happiness to lovers and connoisseurs of everything perfect and beautiful on Earth!

Touch once to this unearthly creature, look into these bottomless, clever, bright blue Birmans eyes, feel the silk and tenderness of the hair with the tips of your fingers, touch this miracle with your cheek .... and you never want to part with it!