The first farm of “Sacred Burma LV” breed in Kaliningrad region (Russia) was found in memory of wonderful pussycat Fallon which gave us her love and happiness to our family for 13 years and 7 months.
One day we saw on an Internet page a cat looks like Fallon by exterior and character – incarnation of aesthetics of both Persian and siam cats; mind, sociability, intellect – this wonder was pussycat of Sacred Burma breed, with her charm and mild character.
Sacred Burma… Cat is perfection, wonderful beauty, grace, astonishing character and good health. She conquers at the moment and forever: deep blue eyes, swear white gloves, silky fur, mild character, playful, curious, tender and faithful… They are always near us – look at your eyes and purr when complimented. They good get on children and other pets. They are real members of your family, share all family events and break any conflict.
Burma is a very rare breed in Russia, but farm proprietress of “Bonbon Azur Ru” Tatiana Chulochnikova from Moscow helped us and we appreciate her help. By her advise we came to Tallinn, Estonia at “Sweet Caticat” farm, managed by Caty Welkinpert. Thanks to her confidence and hospitality. And now we have this wonder! – Avril – descendant of Finland and Sweden bloods. But we named her Lilu (God’s Game!) because of her restlessness and spring ability.
Lilu is the new full member of our family.
There is a groom for such a pretty girl – beautiful prince from Chech farm LZ “Lady Mary” called Chivalrous (knight), with roots in Austria and Spain. We named him Sirius – the mistik brightest star of entire sky.
Proprietress of farm situated in Chech mountains, Lovositze, Ivana Roznerova conquered us her prodigious love to Sacred Burma. We very appreciate her for training such a mild, gallant and full of love cat.
We would like to present people joy and happiness with these excellent and beautiful cats of Sacred Burma.
To manage tribal programm we took membership of club “Rebuss” (Riga) and registered our farm LV Maricota in oldest and strongest FiFe system.
Once touching this cat, look at this deep, smart blue burma’s eyes and feel mildness of its fur, you would never want to leave this cat!
Thus, we have appropriate fact that this kind of cat, Sacred Burma has the most beautiful legend of its origin.